All prices are fully inclusive of landing fees at North Weald and VAT where applicable.

Hourly Instruction in School Aircraft Dual & Supervised Solo PPL / LAPL

Cessna 150/152 (2 Seater)
Cessna 172 (4 Seater)
Piper PA28 Archer (4 Seater)

£155.00 per hour
£175.00 per hour
£195.00 Per hour

Block Discount & Pre-paid courses

10 hours advance payment C150/C152
10 hours advance payment C172

(Pre payment will include 3 free Written Ground Exams applied to your account, worth £75)


EASA Private Pilots Licence

  • 45 combined dual and solo flight training hours in a Cessna 2 seater 150/152 aircraft
  • 9 written ground exams
  • PPL skills flight test with a North Weald Flight Training Examiner

All for only £7,125.00

(50% to be paid at commencement of course and 50% to be paid 1/2 way through course)

Instrument Rating (Restricted) [IR(R)]

  • 15 hours Dual Training in a Cessna 172
  • Written ground examination

Please contact us for latest course price.

Private Pilots Licence and Hour building Package *

PPL plus and addition 100* hours solo time

*This is for 80 engine tacho hours, which if operated at the correct engine RPM will result in 100 time hours.


Solo Hire for Tests and Revalidations *

Cessna 150/152
Cessna 172
Piper PA28

£125.00 per hour
£150.00 per hour
£160.00 per hour


Instruction in your own aircraft
Ground Exams
One to One Ground School Tuition
Radiotelephony Practica

£45.00 per hour
£25.00 each
£25.00 per hour

Test  Fees

Test Fees are for North Weald in-house Flight Examiners only. External Examiner prices will vary and will be subject to traveling expenses

PPL Skills Test
LAPL Skills Test
PPL Renewal/Revalidation Test
IRR (R) Initial Skills Test
IRR (R) Renewal/Revalidation Test
SEP Licence Renewal (No Flight Test)

Aircraft Times are block hour and from Engine Start to Engine Stop.


*All prices include 1 x take off and landing at North Weald. Any additional landings / Touch and Go’s will be charge at £2.50 eaach additional landing.

Solo Hire and Bundles

Cessna 150/152 Pay as you Go
Cessna 150/152 10 Hour Bundle
Cessna 150/152 50 Hour Bundle
Cessna 150/152 100 Hour Bundle

£104.00 per hour
£96.00 per hour
£90.00 per hour
£84.00 per hour

*All costs quoted are based on 0.8 of a engine tacho hour which if operated at the correct engine RPM will result in 100 time hours.


2 seater aircraft £2.50 per hour or part thereof
4 Seater aircraft £3.60 per hour or part thereof