Man Set’s Guinness World Record Pulling Aircraft at North Weald

“The Man With Ears of Steel” – UK daredevil Johnny Strange has set a Guinness world record with a simply amazing stunt at North Weald airfield.  The professional stunt performer pulled a Cessna 172-P aircraft weighing a staggering 677.8kg for 20.4 metres, using nothing more than the piercings in his ears.

Johnny is no stranger to bizarre stunts, already holding a  total of eight Guinness world records! These include the record for the most melons chopped on the stomach whilst laying on a bed of nails and the most apples held in the mouth and cut in half by a chainsaw when he managed to chainsaw 12 apples out of his assistant’s mouth in one minute.

Simon Lowman, director of the North Weald Flying Group, said: “In all my years flying I have seen some extraordinary things, but I have never seen an aeroplane moved like that. “I’m surprised he didn’t rip his ears off. These planes aren’t easy to move at the best of times with the engine running. I was fully expecting to have to get the superglue out afterwards to stick his ears back on.”

Johnny said: “I’ve always been a big fan of the Guinness Book of Records, I used to read them all the time when I was growing up and I would get a copy every year for Christmas. I’m always delighted when I get another Guinness world record, and being featured in the book never gets old for me. The only problem is I’m starting to run out of places to hang up my certificates now.”